zaterdag 17 december 2011

Installation of SQL Server 2012 RC0

In my former post about the installation of SQL Server 2012 CTP1 (Denali) i wrote down a walkthrough of the installation process of SQL Server 2012 CTP1 (Denali) . In this post i'll  blog about the same walkthrough but for RC0. I'll show you some differences, an error and how to solve this error.

The installation starts with downloading the software from Microsoft. Copy this in a folder and execute SQLFull_x86_ENU_Install.exe.

After clicking on the .exe file the extraction starts

The content of the folder created:

Starting setup will show this window:

Click on installation.

The next window appears.

Press ok.

The next window.

The set up role window.

Clicking on the features. Select all.

And when i press the following error occurs. The installation of CTP1 wasn't that big and it seems that there is about 2 GB more software now than CTP1.

Enlarge the disk in VM and off we go..

Server configuration window:

Then an error happens.

On Aaron Bertrand's blog i understand that the distributed replay controller and client is the problem because it needs an Active Directory to verify the account. The account i've entered was a local account and I don't have AD installed. Below the error:

SQL Server Setup has encountered the following error: There was a failure to validate setting CTLRUSERS in validaton function ValidateUsers. Error code 0x85640004.

So i corrected the error by deselecting the replay controller and client

And now we seems to have more success

The installation process starts and succeeded

Nothing news about the installation, only there is an error when the reply software is selected and a lot more space is needed in contrast with CTP1.


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