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SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) (Part II)


I've a situation where I've an environment with SQL Server 2008 R2 and in this blog I'll describe whether or not I can use the SSDT together with SQL Server 2008 R2. This the second time I've blogged about SSDT.You can find the first blog here. I've used the following references for this blogpost:

Usage of SSDT

SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) is an impressive toolset, we were waiting for a long time. The solution explorer in SSMS is a terrible add-on to SQL Server. So I'm very happy Microsoft came up with a real developer tool for a developer. Initially it's build for SQL Azure but is now available for SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008, 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2012. This is great. Now there is an integrated environment for database developers to carry out all of their database design but also SSAS, SSIS and SSRS developments.


First I've created a new VirtualBox environment for this trail. The next thing is the installation of SQL Server 2008 R2. In the september 2012 update there are two versions of SSDT: VS2010 and VS2012. I've downloaded SSDT 2012 and the Powertools. Let's see what happens when we install the software. In the september 2012 update there are two versions of SSDT: VS2010 and VS2012.

The first time I tried to install SSDT 2012 some errors occured. Below a snippet of the error log file.

[04EC:08BC][2012-09-19T05:42:28]: Registry key not found. Key = 'SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DevDiv\vs\Servicing\11.0\devenv'
[04EC:08BC][2012-09-19T05:42:28]: Registry key not found. Key = 'SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DevDiv\vs\Servicing\11.0\devenv\1033'
[04EC:08BC][2012-09-19T05:42:28]: Registry key not found. Key = 'SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DevDiv\VS\Servicing\11.0\intshelladditionalres\1033'
[04EC:08BC][2012-09-19T05:42:28]: Registry key not found. Key = 'SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DevDiv\VS\Servicing\11.0\IsoShell'

This error happend because I didn't had an internet connection and the installer wanted to download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 and some more software. From the the MSDN pages I found the following explanation:

If you do not have Visual Studio 2012 Professional Edition or above, SSDT will install the Visual Studio 2012 Integrated Shell and install SSDT - September 2012 on top of it. The Integrated Shell will only contain SSDT, and does not include VS programming languages and the features that support their respective project systems. 

The following software is installed:
  • .NET framework 4.5.
  • Microsoft Visual studio 2012 Shelll (Isolated).
  • Microsoft Visual studio 2012 Shelll Language pack ENU.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Compiler Service.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Transact-SQL Compiler Script dom.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Data Tier app framework. 
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Expres local DB.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Management objects (x64).
  • Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools (11.1.20905.0)

Here an example of a screenshot of the installation progress:

Then I installed the SQL Server Powertools on the VM box.

After the installation of SQL Server Data tools and SQL Server Data Tools Powertools I started the Visual Studio 2012. I've now the option to start a SQL Server Database Project.


As I've shown (partly) in this blogpost, it is possible to install SQL Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server Data Tools 2012 side by side.

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