donderdag 13 april 2017

Azure and AzureML : Loading data in Azure and using it in AzureML


Using a database from Azure is easy. With SSMS on your local system (on-premise) a connection with an Azure database is easy to create and to maintain. In this blogpost I'll show you a simple way how to create a connection with the Azure database and how to get this data in AzureML.

Logging into Azure

 Logging into Azure with  the following servername property : <servername>

Certain firewall settings should be set in order to get access.

Now the object explorer shows the database of Azure.

Querying the database with a simple SELECT Statement.

With Import and Export Wizard I've uploaded some data (California Dairy information) into Azure

And here a connection is made from AzureML with the Azure Database

Press on Run and with Visualize the data is presented that comes from the Azure Database.


Just a simple blogpost on how to connect SSMS (on premise) with an Azure Database and importing the data from the Azure database in AzureML with the Import Data module.



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