zondag 10 september 2017

Azure : Setting up a SQL DW (MPP)


In this blogpost I'll describe a walkthrough of setting up of a SQL DW in Azure. This is the MPP solution of Microsoft in the cloud. As you will see in this blogpost setting up a SQL DW is very easy in Azure.

Settung up the SQL DW

1. Sign up for the SQL DW in Azure.

2. Click New, choose database and then SQL Data warehouse create.

3. The next step is configuring the database and the Server.

4. And don't forget to select Select when you configure the Server. When all is setup correctly press Create. It will take some time to create the SQL Data warehouse. Wait for the notification of successful deployment. 

5. Now next step is adding your client pc you're working on to the Firewall settings

Connecting to the SQL DW from my local VM

6. Next step is spinning up a local VM and try to connect to the SQLDW instance

7. And this succeeds..


This is a blogpost about how to setup a SQLDW in the Azure. Setting up a basic SQL DW is very simple. Working with the client tools with Azure is also easy to achieve.


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