dinsdag 26 juni 2018

DevOps : Releasing your database code using VSTS (Part II)


Now, you have successfully build a Database project of your database (Part I), but now what? Off course, you have to deploy the code to an integration -, a central deployment -, or a QA environment and finally you want to deploy your code in a production environment. Now, in order to minimize the impact on production, you can introduce a staging database where you can simulate a production deployment in order to test and make 100 % sure that your code works on production.

In the diagram above, a possible release process that will work over a certain number of environments. In this blogpost I'll write some steps in order build up such an environment. I'll add more information in future blogposts. In this blogpost I'll outline some basics about setting up a release process with VSTS. The following steps are needed to build up a release:
  1. Create a release definition
  2. Choose the right artifacts
  3. Create one or more environments
  4. Add some additional options like approving

Create a release defintion

The first step is create a release definition. A release definition is an important part of your Build and release process. Below, I've included a screenshot of a release definition. Two steps are visible: choosing the artifact and where to deploy the artifact (in a so called environment) . It is possible to create multiple environments, eg. QA, staging and test.

Choose the right artifacts

In the build process we have created a artifact in the artifact repository. This is a deploy able component of a project. In this blogpost, I'll focus on Database project artifacts.  We have to specify the location in the build process and we have to use this location as an input in the release process.

It is possible to choose the latest build or specific branches.

Create one or more environments

Next step is to deploy the artifact in a specific environment. In this example I've created one environment : QA. It is also possible to create multiple environment. The Database release task : SQL Server Database Deploy requires that a Deployment Group is defined and a deployment group is collection of multiple servers. So, it could be possible to deploy to multiple servers in a QA environment (for instance).

The SQL Server Database Deply task requires some settings, like name, the servername, the database name, how to authenticate, etc.

Below a definition of a deployment group. In the example screenshot, the deployment group is off line, but when the server is online, it will indicate online. It is also necessary to execute a powershell script on the local machine to make it work (under Detail). Use Personal Access token in the script for authentication.


This is the second blogpost about DevOps and specifically releasing a database project with VSTS on a QA environment.


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