zondag 15 december 2019

Azure series : Comparing Azure SQLDB vs SQLDW vs AAS


There are two SQL Database solutions, available at this moment : Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Datawarehouse (which is now part of the Synapse analytics solution) and I was wondering what are the differences between the two solutions. For the sake of completeness I've also included Azure Analysis Services.

So my question is : "What is the best Azure SQL data platform solution for implementing a data warehouse solution?" In the schema below I've gathered the pros and the cons of the three solutions (SQLDB, SQLDW and AAS) but focussed on the SQLDB and SQLDW.

Comparing the three data platforms

In the diagram below, I've compared the three solutions based on the characteristics of these technologies.

Final thoughts

All the data platforms have advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your requirements it's probably not always a good fit to choose one of the data platforms. Sometimes you can choose a combination of tooling to make it an acceptable fit for purpose.

Love to hear your opinion...


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  1. Nice topic, however, perhaps a typpo in a title name:
    Azure series : Comparing Azure SQL DB and Azure SQL DB

    I think you mean: Azure series : Comparing Azure SQL DB and Azure SQL DW