maandag 20 november 2023

AdventureWorksLT on Snowflake

I've created a small on project on Github with code of AdventureWorksLT for Snowflake. I've used the code created by PaulDSherrif and transformed it into Snowflake code. I've focussed only on the tables and the data. Perhaps later I (or you)  can add additional code to the repository. I've made it public as you can contribute to the repository.

I 've some small changes to the code. I've replaced some of the keywords in the original file. It  may have happened that certain text has been changed because of bulk edit operations. Be aware of that.

Datatypes of certain fields may have changed because of easy insertion. For instance I transformed a binary into a string. This can be inproved.

The repository is named AdventureWorksLT-on-Snowflake and you can find it on Github.


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