donderdag 17 december 2009

CBIP certified Today!!!

YES Yup i did it. Today i passed two exams of the CBIP certification: Datawarehousing and Datamanagement. A couple of weeks ago i passed the core examination. So here are the results:
  • Core examnination : 68 %
  • Datawarehousing : 70%
  • Datamanagement : 64%
I thought that datamanagement exam was the easiest one but i miscalculated that.... I had to read some question 3 times before i understood some of the questions.... But i made it. So i like doing it and i think that i will do some exams next year....

About the core examination i talked a couple of weeks ago. See my taglist. The datawarehouse examination was course datawarehousing.  The Data Warehousing exam covers the planning, design, and implementation of the data warehousing environment. It also includes data warehousing functions such as analysis and information delivery, organizational skills required, and roles and responsibilities of the data warehousing professional within the organization.

There were questions about :
  • The ODS classes.
  • Starschemas
  • balanced scorecard.
  • Al lot of questions about metadata, data quality.
  • ETL, etc

The datamanagement exam was the most difficult one or me, for some reason. I expected that  would slide smoothly through this exam... NOT. Some questions were difficult to understand. What is datamanagement exam all about? All business intelligence applications depend on quality Data Analysis and Design. Analysis concentrates on understanding business requirements for data and information. Design focuses on translating business information into data structures. Core skills include information needs analysis, specification of business metrics, and data modeling. Solid understanding of data warehousing concepts, architectures, and processes is also essential.

Below you can see topics which i noticed on the exam:
  • What is the essence about datasecurity
  • Definition of metadata.
  • Objectives of improvement of quality.
  • What are typical names of entities, attributes,
  • What is a typical entity type? Strange question .
  • EDI.

So i'm celebrating this with a lot of enjoy...



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