zondag 27 juni 2010

How to handle linked servers when migrating databases.

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Times are busy for me and therefore i haven’t much time to BLOG about issues. But there will be time to catch up later. But found some time tto blog about an issue on the current job. As I already blogged about is that in my current project we have migrate a huge amount of DTS packages, databases, jobs, etc from a old environment to a new environment. Currently we are doing a POC and we are investigating a database. As we see there were a couple of linked servers on the machine (about 80!) and we try to figure out what we have do with these things. What has to happen to this linked server when we migrate a database from one machine to another?

Well, below you can see a example of couple databases (DB A, DB B, DB C, DB D, DB X and DB Y) and servers (A,B,C,D and Dnew) linked together with linked servers (LS1, LS2, LS2new, LS3 and LS1new). What will happen when we migrate database B to a new server (Server Bnew)?

We have to create two new linked servers in this case. One on Server C ( LS2new) and Server Bnew (LS1new). We can’t delete the linked servers yet because they could be used by other databases (like DB X and DB Y).

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