zondag 1 augustus 2010

System-of-record-only implementation

This is the third article in the series about MDM based on the article “Master Data Management from a technical perspective” from Microsoft (april 2010). As I mentioned in the first post, i have noticed that there are 4 implementation possibilities of Master Data management:

Master data registry implementation
Data aggregation implementation.
• System-of-record-only implementation.
• Complete enterprise master data management implementation.

This blog is about the 'System-of-record-only implementation’. In this implementation there are more systems of entry's in contrast with the data aggregation implementation. The data is transported bidirectional to the system of entry systems. This is solution which i had in mind when i started studying MDM. Data is entered in any systems and it's compared with MDM system.


These implementations still require a degree of data integration and ongoing cleansing as elements may come from both the source system and the master data management application. Also, many times this system of entry only has the ability to detect data issues directly related to the initial use. For instance, any customer information that is not stored in the CRM solution will not be available to determine complete data quality.
  • MDM can run in the background
  • Less impact for users.

  • Complexity.
  • On going cleansing.


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