donderdag 30 september 2010

SSAS : IgnoreUnrelatedDimensions

Currently working with analysis and MDX and i ran into the property IgnoreUnrelateddimensions. This property controls whether the All member is substituted in place of any specified members from unrelated dimensions.  
The MDX query is something like this :  
SELECT [Measures].[Extended Amount] ON 0,
[Dim Reseller].[Reseller Name].MEMBERS ON 1
FROM [Adventure Works DW]

And when i executed this at first it appeared to me that something is wrong:

But when i changed the property IgnoreUnrelatedDimensions the values changed to null and that's more intuitive because there's no relation between the measure and the dimension.

And the results are:

Small post about a small handy property ;-) Greetz,Hennie

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  1. I have an issue with IgnoreUnrelatedDimensions, I have a hierarchical product dimension, let say Product Category, Product Sub Category and Product. I have 2 different facts with different granularity (lowest level), let say one is FactSales with Product level as granularity (lowest level), and the other is FactSalesTarget with Product Sub Category as granularity (lowest level). When I set it up into TRUE, and then I browse FactSales both FactSalesTarget together with Product Level, it shows wrong values, then I set it up into FALSE, it doesn’t show the values as I want, solved, but…. it creates new issue, when I browse FactSalesTarget with Product Category Level, the values aren’t shown up, it seems it’s only showed up when I use Product Sub Category only !! Product Category is counted as UnrelatedDimension !! Any suggestions ?