dinsdag 14 september 2010

Using the lookup join - Partial cache

This blog is about the partial-cache mode. In another post of mine, i explained a basic example of the lookup transform. In this post I will go a bit deeper into the lookup transform. The partial – cache mode gives you a middle ground between the no-cache and full-cache options. In the mode the component only caches the most-recently used data within the memory boundaries specified. As soon as the cache grows too big, the least-used cache data is thrown away.
The partial-cache mode provide another cache feature called the miss cache. If you use these two together you can gain further performance. So first I reused the package from first post about this item:

All the other tabs I showed in my former post (1) are almost the same: in the General tab the partial cache is changed to partial cache and i corrected the error in the connection tab

The next screendump shows the advanced tab:

I just changed the cache mode from full cache to partial and did some adjustments in the settings of the advanced tab.


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