woensdag 23 mei 2012

Creating a SQL Server 2012 playground (part IV)


We have setup the basic software (OS, SQL Server and the DC VM) for creating a SQL Server 2012 playground in part Ipart II and part III. In this blogpost I'll describe installing the Sharepoint Server 2010 SP1.  First I'll create a snapshot of the VM machine. The installation of Sharepoint is easy  The heavy part is shifted to the Powerpivot configuration. This will be covered in a later blogpost.

This blogpost is one in a series of blogposts:

  • Creating a VM environment with virtualbox (part I).
  • Configuration of the domain controller (part II).
  • Creating AD users and installing SQL Server 2012 (part III).
  • Installation of Sharepoint (part IV).
  • Adding the tabular mode instance to the SQL Server installation (part V).
  • Adding the powerpivot mode instance to the SQL Server installation (part VI).
  • Configuring SharePoint Central Administration (part VII).
  • Installing Reporting Services Sharepoint mode as Single Server Farm (part VIII).
  • Installing MS SQL Server Powerpivot for Excel 2010 (part IX).
  • Installation of SSDT and the SSDT Power tools (part X).
  • Installation of Contoso and AdventureWorks databases (part XI).
  • Installation of Master Data Services (part XII).
  • Installation of Data Quality Services (part XIII).
  • etc.

Installation of Sharepoint 2010 SP1

I've downloaded the Sharepoint 2010 SP1 iso and opened it in the VM. The first step is installing the prerequisites.

Installing the prerequisites of sharepoint.

And that takes some time.

In the next window we have to choose between Standalone or Server Farm. Stand alone will install SQL Express on the VM and sharepoint will use this database. If you chooose for the Farm option Sharepoint will use an existing SQL Server instance. In a former blogpost I've described a full installation of SQL Server. I'll use this installation and I decide to choose the option "Server Farm".

And the installation proceeds...

The last step in the installation process is unchecking the sharepoint configuration wizard. In one of the later blogposts I'll show that the powerpivot configuration wizard will do this too.

As recommended in some blogposts it's time to run Windows update because we have installed quite some software. The following screenshot shows a total of 69 updates.


The basic installation of sharepoint Server 2010 SP1 is very easy but more difficult steps has still to come.


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