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Creating a SQL Server 2012 playground (part V)


In this blogpost I''ll describe adding a second SSAS instance to the SQL Server configuration. I have already installed the multidimensional and Data mining mode during the installation of SQL Server 2012 (step Analysis Services Configuration). The second SSAS Server configuration that can be installed to the SQL Server configuration is the Tabular mode. With this Tabular mode it's possible to upload the powerpivot models to the Server (server level) and then it's possible to manage and secure  these models by IT. This is enhancing the Self Service BI concept: The business controls the (business) data and IT manages and secures it.

You could split the two modes to different servers: one for multidimensional and one for Tabular mode. In this case the processing of the different technologies can be separated.

This blogpost is one in a series of blogposts:
  • Creating a VM environment with virtualbox (part I).
  • Configuration of the domain controller (part II).
  • Creating AD users and installing SQL Server 2012 (part III).
  • Installation of Sharepoint (part IV).
  • Adding the tabular mode instance to the SQL Server installation (part V).
  • Adding the powerpivot mode instance to the SQL Server installation (part VI).
  • Configuring SharePoint Central Administration (part VII).
  • Installing Reporting Services Sharepoint mode as Single Server Farm (part VIII).
  • Installing MS SQL Server Powerpivot for Excel 2010 (part IX).
  • Installation of SSDT and the SSDT Power tools (part X).
  • Installation of Contoso and AdventureWorks databases (part XI).
  • Installation of Master Data Services (part XII).
  • Installation of Data Quality Services (part XIII).
  • etc.

Installing SSAS in Tabular mode

Okay let's install the SSAS Tabular mode, insert the iso in the virtual DVD player and run the setup again. Walktrough the setup support rules, the product updates, the install setup files and finally the follow window will pop up. Choose new installation of SQL Server 2012 and press Next.

Press a couple of times Next until the following appears:

Press Next.

Give the instance a proper name. I called it Tabular mode.

Next window is the Server Configuration screen where a user has to be entered (in case yo want to use specific domain users like i do). I decide to use the SSAS user

Proceed to the summary window and press Install.

And finally a succesful confirmation window is shown:


In this blogpost I've described the installation of the Tabular mode side by side with multidimensional mode.


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