woensdag 13 oktober 2010

Information governance, BI Governance, data governance and MDM

For this blog I would like to share some ideas about governance. Currently, there are all kind of types of governance mentioned in literature (and on the web). This post is inspired by this article of Rajan Chandras. He writes about the different types of governance and how to position them to each other. Interesting article because governance and MDM are keywords which are populair these days.

Wikipedia has some good references about Information governance, BI Governance, data governance and MDM. These subjects seems to be related to each other and Rajan show some insights how they are connected.
In a former post of mine i already positioned MDM in relation with data governance (which differs from the article of Rajan), data quality, security, meta data management and a data architecture. In this diagram (of Informatica) data governance is based on MDM. BI governance wasn't even mentioned. Information governance neither.

Rajan makes a distinction between Data Governance and BI Governance. Data governance generally refers to data that comes in through our transactional software applications (Structured data). BI Governance is closely related to data governance, but it's not quite the same. BI Governance is more focussed on who needs it, how can the information be best provisoned, etc.If we integrate the two pieces of opinions we could have something like this:

Just some thoughts of mine..


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  1. Hi Hennie,

    Very well written. I thought you might be interested in some articles I wrote a while ago that cover this topic. You can find them here:

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