zaterdag 4 juni 2016

Download SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition


Yes, SQL Server 2016 is there finally and the Developer Edition is for free. Finally it's there. I have read quite a lot about it, but waited to study with until the RTM was available. I'm particularly interested in the R engine, Mobile BI and the columnstore improvements. It think that these are the greatest BI improvements. Row level security and PolyBase are other interesting areas for studying..


The download of SQL Server can be found HERE.

First I couldn't find it. What the...

Then I overlooked a button on the right part of the window.

Click on the Visual Studio Dev Essentials

And here it is....

Let's download this one...


Really great that the developer edition is free although paying 80 euros for Developer Edition in the past was not that much of a pain.



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