zaterdag 11 juni 2016

Installation of Team foundation Server 2015


As your projects get bigger and bigger and more people are involved, a normal Visual Studio project is not enough anymore. It is not build for multiple user support. Now in order to maintain the integrity and control in your project, it is a good idea to install Team Foundation Server 2015 and integrate this with your Visual Studio project. Now let's take a look at the installation process of Team Foundation Server. In this blog post I'm showing the installation process with Team Foundation Express 2015.

Installation of Team Foundation Server

First download Team Foundation Express 2015 and execute the installer and it starts with the following window.

The installation continues:

And it reports some warnings at the end of the install process. As it is a warning I decide to neglect this, for now.

When you start Team Foundation you start to configuring SQL Server. Press on Start Wizard.

The configuration begins.

 Again a warning and I decide to neglect this.

Press on next.

This was the installation process of Team Foundation Server 2015 Express.


This is a small blogpost about the installation of Team Foundation Server 2015 Express.



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