vrijdag 12 november 2010

Blogging for 1 year now!


Well, it's been quite a ride in the past year but i have to celebrate one thing :

One year blogging!!!!!

I started a year ago. First in Dutch but later on in English. So i posted about 80 posts on different areas, but mostly regarding SQL Server and datawarehousing. I had about 2500 hits and probably i was responsible for the most part of it;-) Sometimes i struggled a bit with my english but i hope that it will improve in the future.

One question i didn't figured out yet, and probably i will never get an answer, but are developments going faster lately or am i more aware of this? In this year i've seen a huge amount of developments in SQL Server, cloud computing, Self Service BI, Governance, MDM, analytics, datavault, apps, and on top of that Chris webb descibes that OLAP cubes are gone, finito?! No more MDX but DAX?

After such a milestone it's always good to evaluate things and i have to say that i'm very pleased with blogging because it forces to think about certain things. How does it really works? What can i find more about this subject to get a better post? So i'll continu blogging in the future with a minimum of one post per week!

And offcourse i would like to thank my online- and offline contributors for this blog. Without them the blog would be less complete and of less quality. So thanks a lot!


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