dinsdag 16 november 2010

SSIS : Data correction component (Denali)


I investigated a new component in SQL Server version 11 (Denali CTP1) and i want you to show some findings i have so far. The Data Correction component can be used in the dataflow task of SSIS. It seems that this component (together with Data Quality Services) is not completely released in this CTP version. I didn't know that when i started this post. Data Quality Services is acquired from Zoomix in 2008 by Microsoft. I've found some information on the MSDN site :
The Data Correction component can be found in the SSIS toolbox:

I added one source component with aid of the source assistent to the dataflow:

And i added one destination component with the destination assistent:

So i ended up with the following data flow task:

When i try to edit the Data correction component you'll see the following window:

Connecting to a database  will show the following window :

 And it gives me this error:

Pressing help will show the following error:

In the folder C:\Windows\Assembly i've found the following assemblies:

Clearly there are some indications that the SSIS team is working on it but it needs some furher improvements or is this an understatement?!

Update: Chriss Webb blog:

'We saw a lot more about Data Quality Services. DQS is a substantial new product that allows end users and BI developers to create rules about what data is valid in a given scenario, and then apply these rules to perform automated data cleansing; it’s not, apparently, a rebadged version of the Zoomix product that MS bought a while ago, it’s a lot more ambitious than that. Example scenarios include cleaning addresses by comparing them to a master address list, possibly sourced from the Azure Datamarket; using regular expressions to ensure that valid urls and stock ticker symbols were stored in a table containing information about companies; and using fuzzy matching on names and addresses to find groups of customers who live together in the same household. Although some people I talked to were a bit put off by the bug-ridden demo, I was quite impressed by what I saw – a lot of thought seemed to have gone into it and the UI looks good. I think there’ll be an SSIS component that will allow you to apply your rules within a data flow too, but that wasn’t shown.'


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