donderdag 18 november 2010

SSIS : Importing a SQL Server 2008 package in Denali.

Hi, At this moment we are working with a framework in SQL Server 2008 and i was wondering whether we could import this framework in Denali. So i decided to import a package built in 2008 into Denali. Below you can see the errors:

There were three errors that were discovered by Denali:
  • Native client conversion error. Changed this to the right native client.
  • Missing environmentvariable. Ok that's clear.
  • Script component conversion error. For some reason the input column was lost. I needed to add this again. 
I noticed that protectionlevel is also changed to EncryptSensitiveWithUserKey from Don'tSaveSensitive.I had to change the query in the source adapter and therefore an error appears on the screen. I needed to map some fields again. I deleted them in the source query and therefore i deleted them from the dataflow.

And the followin window appears:

I corrected all the errors and then i tried to execute the package. The following window appears:

Okay! Well reading jamie thomson blog about Projects tells me that i have to build the project first. Okay. Lets build this thing! Woops. Yet another error occurs:

As it seems there now multiple projectproperties like Protection level in Denali. When you set these to certain values a newly created package will take this projectproperty as by default. I compared the project properties with SQL Server 2008 (i installed on environment BIDS helper) :


Left is Denali and right is 2008. New are the common properties.

I changed the protection level in order to get the protection level of the project the same as the package. Let's build. Now it succeeds! Two folders are created in the solution folder: obj and bin and in the bin folder you can find now an ispac file. This is a ZIP file and when i unzip this the following files are visible:

Three files are visible: 
  • @project.manifest.
  • [Content_Types].xml.
  • package.
Opening the  @project.manifest file will show:

and opening the [Content_Types].xml will show this

It seems that the execution of the package is allowed now and below you can see the result. My first package executed in Denali:

  • You need to build the package before you can execute this. 
  • A deployment file is created (.ispac) with at least 3 files in it zipped.

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