woensdag 3 november 2010

SSRS : Shared datasets

In SQL Server 2008 R2 there are  new features in Reporting Services. There are two new improvements in Reporting services i want to talk about : shared datasets and report parts. Shared datasets are build on shared datasources and contains logic than can be reused.

The shared report parts enhances the Self Service BI evolution in the BI world. The shared datasets can be parameterized and reports that use it can pass parameters to it. Similar to report executions, a shared dataset can also be cached and refreshed on a schedule.

Improvements in the following areas can be expected:
  • Adoption in a pervasive environment. Pervasive BI means that everybody should use BI, from the operational work to strategic levels. I can imagine that a BI Governance Committee aproves shared datasets and report parts and after the approval they can be used as enterprise certified dataset and - report part. That would mean that business user can use these datasets and report parts in their reports and the information in the report is sound.
  • Mash up technology. Shared datasets and the report parts fits perfectly in the mashup technology strategy. Mashup technology is about using interesting parts from different sources and publish this content (mostly on web enabled GUI).
  • Easier maintenance. Because shared datasets can be reused by different reports or report parts it will be easier to maintain.
  • The cached mode of report parts will improve performance of reports because it can be run at nightly hours.
You can download the Reporting Services sample reports from the Codeplex I site and on Codeplex II. Also you can find tutorials on the MSDN Site. The SQL Server Reporting team blog is also interesting.

Conclusion:This post is about some ideas about reporting services and shared datasources and report parts.

In the future i'll have a look in the options of shared datasources and report parts.


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