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Creating a SQL Server 2012 playground (part XI)


In this blogpost I'll describe the installation of the two demo sample databases: Contoso and AdventureWorks. I've downloaded the Contoso software from the Microsoft Download Center and the Adventureworks from Codeplex.  I've copied them to my VM environment and installed them. In this blogpost I'll show you the installation of these databases and the end result of this process.

This blogpost is one in a series of blogposts:
  • Creating a VM environment with virtualbox (part I).
  • Configuration of the domain controller (part II).
  • Creating AD users and installing SQL Server 2012 (part III).
  • Installation of Sharepoint (part IV).
  • Adding the tabular mode instance to the SQL Server installation (part V).
  • Adding the powerpivot mode instance to the SQL Server installation (part VI).
  • Configuring SharePoint Central Administration (part VII).
  • Installing Reporting Services Sharepoint mode as Single Server Farm (part VIII).
  • Installing MS SQL Server Powerpivot for Excel 2010 (part IX).
  • Installation of SSDT and the SSDT Power tools (part X).
  • Installation of Contoso and AdventureWorks databases (part XI).
  • Installation of Master Data Services (part XII).
  • Installation of Data Quality Services (part XIII).
  • etc.


The first thing I've done is the installation of the Contoso databases on SQL Server 2012. Download the Contoso software and save the two executable files to your hard disk. Copy them to the VM and execute them:
  • ContosoBIdemoBAK.exe
  • ContosoBIdemoABF.exe

There is one SQL database and one SSAS database. Restore them to the Server with the Restore option. 

On the Codeplex site more demo database are available. A familiar Demodatabase is the AdventureWorks database which is present since SQL Server 2005 version. Now Microsoft has made them available for SQL Server 2012. On Codeplex there quite a couple of downloads available, but you don't need them all. These are the one I've used for my blogpost:
  • AdventureWorks2012_CS
  • AdventureWorks2012
  • AdventureWorksDW2012
  • AdventureWorksLT2012

Reattach the databases in SQL Server 2012 and you're in business.

There are also a couple of analytical databases (tabular and multidimensional) available on Codeplex and these are:
  • AdventureWorks Tabular Model SQL 2012.
  • AW Internet Sales Tabular model.
  • AdventureWorksDW2012Multidimensional.

I've installed them and the endsituation is like the screendump below.


In this blogpost I've described the installation of the Contoso and the adventureworks databases.


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  1. Please can you help me how to install AdventureWorks Tabular Model SQL 2012.