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Creating a SQL Server 2012 playground (part X)


SSDT is the replacement of BIDS and Visual Studio for Database developers. Also, it includes features from SSMS (James Serra). There seems some confusion about the installation of SSDT BIDS version and the SSDT Database developer version. Somehow some parts are not installed depending on the way you install SSDT. As James states, when you install SSDT during the feature selection window in the installation process of SQL Server 2012 only the BIDS version is installed and not the Database Developer version. If you didn't install SSDT with the SQL Server installation iso and downloaded it from Microsoft then it will install the Database developer functionality, only. So watch out and be careful with this installation of SSDT. 

During the installation of SQL Server 2012 I've selected the SSDT BIDS Version and therefore I need to install the SSDT DB Developer functionality too. This will be explained in this blogpost and I'll show the installation of SSDT Power tools.

This blogpost is one in a series of blogposts:
  • Creating a VM environment with virtualbox (part I).
  • Configuration of the domain controller (part II).
  • Creating AD users and installing SQL Server 2012 (part III).
  • Installation of Sharepoint (part IV).
  • Adding the tabular mode instance to the SQL Server installation (part V).
  • Adding the powerpivot mode instance to the SQL Server installation (part VI).
  • Configuring SharePoint Central Administration (part VII).
  • Installing Reporting Services Sharepoint mode as Single Server Farm (part VIII).
  • Installing MS SQL Server Powerpivot for Excel 2010 (part IX).
  • Installation of SSDT and the SSDT Power tools (part X).
  • Installation of Contoso and AdventureWorks databases (part XI).
  • Installation of Master Data Services (part XII).
  • Installation of Data Quality Services (part XIII).
  • etc.

Installation of SSDT DB Developer functionality

Download the SSDT DB Developer software from the Microsoft download center. I've used the web installer but it's also possible to download the software and install this on multiple machines.

The first screen is like below.

Press Install and the installation of SSDT takes place.

Installation of SSDT Power tools

The next thing to do is the installation of SSDT power tools. You can download this from Microsoft.

But, if you start up Visual studio 2010 and click on Tools, Extension manager and Updates, you'll get a list of all kind of extension for Visual Studio that can be download from Microsoft. When you scroll down a bit the SSDT Powertools is listed.

Press install and after a restart of Visual Studio the extenstion is installed:

It has been a while we have run Windows Update. Let's do it now before we proceed installing more software.


This blogpost is about the installation og SSDT and SSDT Powertools


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