vrijdag 29 december 2023

dbt Analytics Engineering Certification Exam cheatsheet


I'm preparing for the DBT exam and I used the  "dbt Analytics Engineering Certification Exam Study Guide" for searching for more information about the topics covered in the exam. I stored the links that I used in this blogpost, just helping you too. I hope you enjoy it.

I'll frequently update this blogpost. I just started with a couple of topics.

Topic 1: Developing dbt models

Topic 2: Debugging data modeling errors

Topic 3: Monitoring data pipelines

Topic 4: Implementing dbt tests

Topic 5: Deploying dbt jobs

  • Understanding the differences between deployment and development environments
  • Configuring development and deployment environments
  • Configuring the appropriate tasks, settings and triggers for the job
  • Understanding how a dbt job utilizes an environment in order to build database objects and artifacts
  • Using dbt commands to execute specific models

Topic 6: Creating and Maintaining dbt documentation

  • Updating dbt docs
  • Implementing source, table, and column descriptions in .yml files
  • Using dbt commands to generate a documentation site
  • Using macros to show model and data lineage on the DAG

Topic 7: Promoting code through version control

  • Understanding concepts and working with Git branches and functionalities
  • Creating clean commits and pull requests
  • Merging code to the main branch

Topic 8: Establishing environments in data warehouse for dbt

  • Understanding environment’s connections
  • Understanding the differences between production data, development data, and raw data

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