zaterdag 30 december 2023

Ephemeral tables in DBT (Part XI)


In this blogpost we're going to take a look at a specific type of a materialization, known as ephemeral. According to DBT : materializations are strategies for persisting dbt models in a warehouse. There are five types of materializations built into dbt. They are:

  • table
  • view
  • incremental
  • ephemeral
  • materialized view
In this blogpost we'll focus on the ephemeral materialization. Now one thing that pops up out out of my head right away is the continuing discussing between a dimensional model as Kimball has defined and the Snowflake (not the data platform) datamodel. Sometimes there are in multiple dimensions the same aggregations used. In the example of AdventureWorksLT think about ProductCategory. Suppose that a ProductCategory is used in multiple dimensions and you want adopt the DRY principle. Then, you can decide to ProductCategory as Ephemeral materialization. Lets try this out!

Ephemeral example

Suppose that you have a dimension ProductCategory that is cleaned up and has quite some transformations. You don't want to apply the same logic again and again for different (other) dimensions. Ok, now lets go the Dim_ProductCategory.sql file and make it an ephemeral materialization:

Next, we need to reference this ephemeral materialization in the Product dimension.

The next step is to run the model 

Now what has DBT made from the code? Lets check this in the target folder :

An extra CTE is added to the Dim_Product and is around the CTE_DIM_PRODUCTCATEGORY. The ephemeral model is incorporated in another model.

Final thoughts

In this bogpost I've investigated the ephemeral materialization of a model. Interesting to see that it is possible to reuse logic of a model in other models.


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