donderdag 28 december 2023

Add packages to your DBT project (Part VIII)


With DBT it's possible to add custom packages to your project. There are all kind of packages available at DBT Hubs. You can install them into your project. In this blogpost I show you how.

This blogpost is a blogpost in a serie of blogposts :

Adding packages

First add a packages.yml file to your project:

Then go to DBT Hubs and navigate to dbutils

And add the following code to your packages file :

Your packages.yml file should look something like this :

The next step is run dbt deps to download the packages and the installation of dbt_utils.

And now dbt_utils is available in your project.

And now a lot more features are available in your project for usage. You can find more information in the documentation about dbt_utils.

Final thoughts

In this blogpost I presented a way to download extra functionality in your dbt project. 


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