donderdag 28 december 2023

Adding documentation to your DBT project (Part IX)


Sometimes you get the question from a collegue about that he or she wants to know more about how a specific measure is generated. DBT has a documentation option you can use for this. Lets try this and I'll show this in this blogpost.

This blogpost is a blogpost in a serie of blogposts :


There are two important commands for documentation : generate and serve. Lets find out more about them. For using the documentation, you can add a description tag to your YAML files.

and here..

And then use the command dbt docs generate :

The next command is to use dbt docs serve :

And this will open a html page on your local machine :

And now you can navigate through the project.

All kind of information is available in the documentation. It's truly amazing.

Final thoughts

This is an amazing feature of DBT! You can easily generate the documentation with dbt docs


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